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Ashpark Basement Waterproofing Contractors Ontario in Ontario dial 310-LEAK or 1-800-334-6290
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

United Way Toronto

United Way Toronto

About Us
United Way Mission Statement
"To meet urgent human needs and improve social conditions by mobilizing the community's volunteer and financial resources in a common cause of caring."
Established in 1956, United Way Toronto is a charity working to advance the common good and create opportunities for a better life for everyone in our city. Working in partnership with others, we mobilize people and resources to address the root causes of social problems and to change community conditions for the better. United Way supports agencies that provide services to strengthen individuals, families, and communities.
A volunteer board of trustees of leading community members governs all United Way decision-making. The Board oversees how donor money is used, shapes our strategic vision and plan, and monitors organizational performance.

The campaign cabinet is the driving force behind our annual campaign. These business and community leaders meet with colleagues and peers to encourage the participation of their organizations in the United Way campaign. The campaign cabinet's effort ultimately involves 20,000 volunteers, and reaches into workplaces large and small across the city.
Susan McIsaac, president and chief executive officer, leads United Way Toronto. The president's senior executive team is made up of a chief operating officer, chief development officer, senior vice president of strategic initiatives and community partnerships and vice presidents of community investment, marketing, information services and a director of human resources and organizational development.
Accountable and Trustworthy
Committed to organizational accountability and transparency, UWT is a flagship member of Imagine Canada's new Ethical Code launched in 2008. This new code sets the standards for charitable organizations to manage and report publicly on their financial affairs.
In 2008, United Way Toronto received the first annual Voluntary Sector Reporting Awards (VSRAs), which recognizes best practices for financial reporting by registered charities.
Highly efficient fundraising
United Way Toronto's fundraising and administration costs are highly efficient. In 2009, through the support of more than 20,000 volunteers and the donation of pro-bono services and supplies, UWT kept its year round fundraising cost to 14.0 per cent. An Imagine Canada survey reports that the average fundraising cost ratio of charities in Canada is 21.8 per cent, putting United Way well below the average.
*Figures reflect the distributions from the 2008 United Way Toronto audited financial statements. -->
This pie chart shows a breakdown of how United Way's 2009 fundraising dollars were distributed: 71.3% was invested in the community, 14.7% was designated to other charities, and 14.0% went to year round fundraising and administration costs. There is also a chart showing where the fundraising dollars came from in 2009.

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