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Aquaseal Concrete Crack Repair Specialists Ontario 1-800-NO-LEAKS
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Ashpark Basement Waterproofing Contractors Ontario in Ontario dial 310-LEAK or 1-800-334-6290
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Which basement waterproofing solution is best for you?

There are a number of basement waterproofing solutions that you may require for your home or commercial space. You may need a concrete crack injection, an interior drainage system, or an exterior basement waterproofing weeping tile system. Which ever one you need, it's also important you have the right contractor for the job.

Concrete crack injections can only be done on concrete foundation walls. This concrete crack injection fills the cracked concrete all the way to the outside. You can either have an epoxy injection or a polyurethane injection. Epoxy injections are you best bet as the not only waterproof the crack, they also add structural strength whereas polyurethane only waterproofs the crack. Both are less expensive then the alternatives but they aren't preventative basement waterproofing.

Interior drainage systems the the second most expensive basement waterproofing solution that you may want to consider. Interior drainage systems involve breaking up the concrete floor about 6 inches from the wall and installing a weeping tile drainage system into the trench. A black dimple board is nailed to the wall. This drains water that penetrates the foundation into the weeping tile. The water that gets into the weeper is then drained into a floor drain or sump pump which shoots the water away from the house.

Exterior basement waterproofing weeping tile system is the most expensive basement waterproofing solution. This involves excavation of the ground beside the footing about 6-9 feet deep. We have to dig all the way down to the footing and alongside it.Then a barrier is installed on the foundation wall and weeping tile is placed beside the footing. Then gravel is placed over top of the weeping tile and then the hole is back filled.

The right contractor can be pretty easy to spot. He will have a good Better Business Bureau rating, a flawless track record on review sites, an informative website, and full services.

Spotting the right basement waterproofing solution can be difficult without an expert's opinion but this article can help. Concrete crack injections can only be done on concrete cracks and are less expensive. Interior drains are more expensive and aren't practical if the basement is finished. Exterior basement waterproofing weeping tile systems are most expensive where obstacles that may prevent exterior basement waterproofing from being the best bet are air conditioners and decks.

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  1. I have been so excited to write this post for so many reasons but mostly because it means our basement bathroom project is finally finished! this project has been a long time coming - it was plain jane with a fiberglass molded shower insert, some ugly tile, and a lovely yellow and tan color palette. at first I thought we might just do a refresh like in the upstairs bathroom with paint, a little tile, and a new counter. but as i thought about it more, a full gut was the right way to go. here are all nitty gritty details on every part of the project so if you're here for the sources, scroll down to the bottom!

  2. You will have to hire an experienced basement lowering contractor to supervise the work. Basement Renovations For large cracks or different sorts of risky splits or cracks, for example, those in zones where bolster shafts meet the establishment divider, it is best to get an expert organization to settle the tile deals