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Aquaseal Concrete Crack Repair Specialists Ontario 1-800-NO-LEAKS
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Ashpark Basement Waterproofing Contractors Ontario in Ontario dial 310-LEAK or 1-800-334-6290
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Which Basement Waterproofing Solution Is Best For You?

Which basement waterproofing solution is best for you. This can be a tough question for home owners without a basement waterproofing expert's opinion. There are a number of solutions you should be aware of when deciding on the solution that best suits you. There are basically three solutions that can help you with your basement problem. Concrete crack injections, exterior basement waterproofing weeping tile system, and an interior drainage system.

Concrete crack injections are the first solution of the three that I'm going to talk about. It's the cheapest of the three, the quickest method of repair, and the prefered solution for most home owners. It's prefered because of how  intrusive it isn't and because of the cost. The crack injection can be done without doing excavation of without having the break up any concrete. It just requires a sealing of the crack and then an injection which is why it is the prefered solution. Also, if you get an epoxy injection, you can the benefit of structural reinforcing the foundation wall. The problem with a crack injection is it can only be done in concrete foundations, not block or stone. Epoxy can only be done in dry cracks, so if you got a wet crack you will need to do a polyurethane crack injection which costs the same however it doesn't add structural strength to the cracked foundation. Polyurethane on the other hand can be injected in wet cracks. Both cost the same and are inexpensive compared to other methods of repair.

Exterior basement waterproofing weeping tile system are the most expensive method of repair. It involves excavating the ground beside the foundation about 6 feet down on most houses, where the foundation meets the footing, and alongside the footing. Then either a lateral drain has to be installed or just a weeping tile system alongside the footing has to be installed. Either way, the weeping tile system has to be installed alongside the footing. This causes all water drained down to the footing to move alongside the house to a drain that moves the water away from the house. Then the weeping tile system is covered with gravel and a wall treatment is added to the system. This wall treatment protects the foundation from being penetrated by water. Then the ground is back filled into the hole. It's common to have higher ground beside the home after the excavation is done. This is because the soil is looser.

Interior drainage systems are the second most expensive solution for the residential home owner. It involves breaking up the concrete floor 6 inches away from the foundation wall and digging a trench alongside the wall all the away to a floor drain or sump pump. The trench has to be low enough that a weeping tile can be placed beside the footing beneath the floor. About 6 inches deep. On top of the weeping tile gravel is placed about 1 inches thick. Also, dimple board is nailed to the foundation wall and tucked beside the weeping tile so any water that penetrated the foundation wall leaks down into the weeping tile and into the floor drain or sump pump. After this is done, the concrete is poured on the weeping tile system and gravel. The concrete is usually 1-2 inches thick.

Which solution is best for you? Well price can be a factor, so can the status of the basement. Is it finished or not. If not, a interior drainage system might be the best bet if you want to prevent water from ever ruining your basement. If your basement is finished, an exterior basement waterproofing weeping tile system might be the solution for you. If you just need a crack repaired, an injection might be right for you unless you don't have a concrete foundation. Otherwise you will need to do an exterior lateral drain with a basement wall treatment.

Which ever solution is right for you, a basement waterproofing expert should be able to recommend the best bet for you. Just do a bit of homework first and then talk to a few basement waterproofing contractors.

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