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Aquaseal Concrete Crack Repair Specialists Ontario 1-800-NO-LEAKS
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Ashpark Basement Waterproofing Contractors Ontario in Ontario dial 310-LEAK or 1-800-334-6290
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to prevent damp, musty, and moldy basements with basement waterproofing

Some people have gotten used to their damp, musty, and moldy basement and have grown to accept it, but they shouldn't have to. This can be caused by ground water seeping in through cracks in their basement foundation wall. These cracks, the culprits of hydrostatic pressure can be prevented and dampness evaded. How? With a basement waterproofing system of course.

Prevent dampness, mold, and musty basement with an exterior basement waterproofing system or interior basement waterproofing drainage system.

An exterior basement waterproofing involves exterior excavation of the ground around the foundation wall, application of a barrier wrap, and installation of a weeping tile drainage system along with gravel.

An interior basement waterproofing drainage system involves breaking up of the concrete floor, installation of the weeping tile drain and connection into the sump pump, installation of a barrier wrap, then covered (not the sump pump) with gravel and fresh concrete.

These methods will prevent dampness, musty basements, and mold. Just make sure you get a complete basement waterproofing solution that covers the enitre basement.

These solutions are offered by most basement waterproofing experts.

These methods can not only prevent these problems, they can also solve them aswell.

There are a few reasons for each methods that determines which solution is best for you.

Interior drains are best done in homes without finished basements. They are less expensive than exterior drains.

Exterior drains can’t be done under certain circumstances such as the existence of decks in work area, gate entrances smaller than the size of excavators (some companies don’t hand dig and use machinery to large to get through gates) and the existence of air conditioners.

Whichever one you select, make sure you have a good basement waterproofing contractor. Check the BBB and review websites for previous customer feedback.

Good luck with you basement waterproofing experience!

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